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british_iconage's Journal

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This is the icon journal of britishness. I update quite often and I adore friends...so, feel free to friend me any time and I'll immediatly add you back! =DD

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Please comment and credit either britishness or british_iconage ...becuse it makes me feel so loved and special!

Icons that are titled 'bases' are bases - icons that aren't marked bases...I suppose can be used as bases...if you really want...but ask me first if you'd please and I'll try to customize it for you!

Also, no hotlinking! Hotlinking make me and my Photobucket account very, very sad.

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by parisienneperdu

brokenicons_ by brokenagain


aiken4_graphics by aiken4_clay

royalty_icons by both knightbusgirl and tokyoduchess


goodfaythe by captainz

Image hosted by Photobucket.com by roseandmask

by mask_of_silence

desiderio by havens

Comment or email me if you are interested in affiliating!

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Brushes and textures: crumblingwalls, carbon_paper, teh_indy, disappearicons, jeweledicecream, blimey_icons inxsomniax, faded_icons, 77words, saltsweetbitter, [Bad username: +symergy], ingeniu0us, september_icons, fliping_rule, and u_turnbrushes

Gradients: crumblingwalls and roseicons.

Phantom of the Opera bases - aiken_4graphics, crutchysmhero87 and spikesbint.

Screen caps: lastyearswishes and the rest from the memories section of cap_it of who either did not require credit or who's names I can't remember! (I'll have to go back and write them down - sorry!!) But, there, I plug-deded that community, just because it's so full of awesome-ly wonderful people! =D


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Requests here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/british_iconage/1283.html

My gorgeous banner was made by lastyearswishes ...because she is, of course most awesome!